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    1.  Trimethyl citrate 

      CAS: 1587-20-8
      English name: Trimethyl citrate
      Alias: trimethyl citrate
      Molecular formula: C9H14O7
      1, Appearance: white crystals;
      2, trimethyl citrate content of greater than 99%;
      3, residual acid content of less than 0.5%;
      4, the melting point (initial melting --- end of melting (melting range)): 75--78 ℃.
      1, do the main flame retardant candle flame color, its melting point and can fully meet the flammability requirements of candle products.
      2, pharmaceutical and pesticide used for synthesis, it is a stable intermediate.
      3, which is the main raw material for the production of citric acid hydrochloride, citric acid hydrochloride by trimethyl citrate reaction with ammonia, sulfuric acid treatment and then, through give citrazinic acid.
      4, which is the main raw material of synthetic hot melt adhesive.
      5, it can be used as the methyl methacrylate polymer a blowing agent, a stabilizer acrylamide, polyamide adhesive initiators, PVC plasticizers.
      Packing: 25KG 40KG bags or cardboard.

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