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    1.  Diethyl adipate (DEA) 

      1.Product name
      Diethyl adipate (DEA)
      English name: Diethyl adipate
      The formula: C2H5OOC- (CH2) 4-COOC2H5
      Molecular Formula: C10H12O4
      Molecular weight: 202.25
      CAS No.:141-28-6
      2.Nature and purpose
      Colorless or light yellow transparent oily liquid.
      Freezing point: -21 ℃, relative density: (20 ℃) 1.026, insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol, ether and other organic solvents.
      This product is used as a solvent and in organic synthesis.
      3.Quality standards

      Index Name Index
      Appearance Transparent oily liquid
      Color(APHA)≤ 20
      Content(GC),% ≥ 99.5
      Acid value KOHmg/g ≤ 0.15
      Water content (wt),% ≤ 0.15

       4. packaging and storage
      200L plastic barrel, net weight 200Kg, or canned. General chemicals, stored in a cool dry place.

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