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    1.  Diisopropyl adipate 

      1. Product name diisopropyl adipate
      English name: Diisopropyl Adipate (DIPA)
      Structural formula: C3H7OOC- (CH2) 4-COOC3H7
      Molecular formula: C12H22O4
      MW: 230.3
      CAS No.:6938-94-9
      2. The nature and purpose
      Colorless transparent oily liquid, almost tasteless. Used in medicine, perfume and cosmetic products.
      3. Quality Index

      Index Name Index
      Colorless Transparent oily liquid
      Color(APHA)≤ 20
      Acid value(KOH mg/g)≤ 0.15
      Content(GC) %≥ 99.5
      Water content (wt),% ≤ 0.15

      4. Packaging and storage
      200L iron barrel, net weight 190, or canned. This product is a general chemicals. Storage and transportation away from heat, sources of ignition. Rain, water.

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