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    1.  Dioctyl terephthalate( DOTP ) 

      Molecular formula :C24H38O4 

      Molecular weight : 390.56 DOTP is dioctyl terephthalate, it is a main plasticizer. It offers good cooling and heat resistance, it can be used as plasticizer of PVC abd PE cable, it can work with DOP in any ratio. It also can reduce viscosity and increase keeping life. 
      Quality index :

      Index name Excellent grade First grade Qualified
      Appearance Transparent, no visible impurities oily liquid
      Color number(APHA) 30 200 yellow
      Flash point (open cup) ℃ 210 205
      Water content % 0.10 0.15
      Acid number (To terephthalate) % 0.1 0.2 0.2
      Ester content % 99.5 99.0 99.0
      Volume resistivity (Ω·m) 2×1010 1×1010 0.5×109
      Density(20℃)g/ml   0.981-0.986

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